• Lyon's Grocer's Shop, Market Weighton

    This 1957 film takes a look at a day in the life of a grocer's shop in a small East Yorkshire town.  Apart from the insight that the film provides into the activities of a grocer's before the onset of the age of the supermarket, it also features some of the household items that were common at that time: Rinse, Omo, and Fairy Snow to name but three.  The shop also boasts an impressive array of Birds Eye frozen food!

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  • 80 Years of the Driving Test

    1st June 2015 marked 80 years since the introduction of the UK's compulsory driving test. This instructional film from the 1960s will certainly raise a few eyebrows; aimed at the female learner-driver, it explains the basic workings of a car ... in a manner that can, at best, be described as thoroughly patronising!

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  • A sunny sojourn in Scarborough

    Summer's finally arrived - time for a well-deserved rest at the seaside?  After a dismal day of domestic disharmony, the frazzled 1950s housewife, who stars in this wonderful promo film for Wallace Arnold, certainly thought so. So, pack your cossie and sun hat (or knotted hanky) and join Joan as she heads by coach to Scarborough, with a couple of quick pitstops in York and Thornton-le-Dale en route.

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  • The 70th Anniversary of V.E. Day

    To commemorate the 70th anniversary of V.E. Day, YFA have added three new films, which capture the celebrations that took place across Yorkshire, to our online catalogue.

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